Resurrecting Faith - Say Yes.

This service is dedicated to those who lost their lives at the Tree of Life and Louisville. May their souls rest in power.

Resurrecting Faith

Faith requires attention. Especially when it seems far away or nonexistent.

What the Bible Really Says About the End of the World

Worship Pastor Justin Bullis brings a beautiful interpretation of what the Bible really says about the end of the world - perhaps it is not something we should fear but welcome every day, as we make our world anew with our work as the body of Christ. Perhaps every day provides the opportunity to be “the end of the world as we know it.”

Bonus Episode - Casa de Paz

Each month at Belong, we partner with one organization and support them as best we can. We work in all sectors of justice, and this month’s partner organization is Casa de Paz. They provide relief, care and dignity to those folks experiencing immigration detention and they carry out their beautiful mission with love and steadfastness. We are so thankful to support them and we hope you enjoy this special episode where we hear from Casa de Paz founder, Sarah Jackson, and we take you inside the immigration detention center to hear what it is like to volunteer for Casa.

What the Bible Says About Sex

Guest Paster Rev. Elizabeth M. Jackson speaks on sex in the Bible - what it says and what it doesn’t say. Touching on her personal experience as a queer woman growing up, she also provides a beautiful insight on the lack of passages in the Bible that address “homosexuality” pointing to the “clobber” passages that have been twisted and used to oppress the LGBT community for millennia.

We thank Rev. Jackson for being with us and bringing us this powerful message this week as we continue our series “What Does the Bible Really Say?”

Violence in the Bible

Some of the scenes in the Bible would not be fit for TV. Literally, Game of Thrones has nothing on the Hebrew Bible when it comes to tales of violence (except dragons). The central event of the New Testament includes the most violent and cruel form of execution the world had to offer.

As we read the text, what are we supposed to make of it? More than that, what are we supposed to think about the God we know and trust when it comes to violence? Does God promote violence, or abhor it? What does the Bible really say when it comes to violence?

God's Economy - Justice

The virtues of patience and perseverance are not hallmarks of this age, yet they are precisely what we need when we strive to be agents of justice. How does God ask us to seek out justice in such a time as this?