Friends, the audio this week cut off just a moment before the end of the sermon. I have posted below the segment that you may have missed. 


As we prepare to close, I want to invite you to something. Reflect on your life. On something that feels set and settled. Some place where it seems like nothing can change. As we pray together, imagine that perhaps God has not spoken the final word about that thing. Perhaps God’s love might create new places and possibilities in your life, and in your relationships. Will you pray with me?

Loving God who gave us the Christ. Where we find hardship, bring us love. Where we are distressed, bring us love. Where we find peril or danger or fear, transform your people with love.

Love us so that we may be more. Love us so that we may be convinced of your power and your mercy. Remind us that nothing is impossible, and that nothing in all creation can separate us from you and your love.

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